Wall Mounted Boiler

Are you thinking about purchasing a wall mounted boiler? There are so many fantastic qualities to owning one of these fantastic things. One of the top reasons is that the boiler is no bigger than a standard kitchen cabinet. Another reason is that this boiler not only provides you with immediately hot water, but you can also hook it up so that it heats the entirety of your house! Not to mention the fact that it is not only small, but quiet and environmentally friendly as well. Reduce the cost of your fuel charges by switching to a wall mounted boiler. There is an endless supply of hot water production starting at 3.3 gallons a minute. It is safe to mount in your bedroom if you absolutely wanted it there, and it requires no chimney as it uses a direct vent instead! The heating output goes up to as high as 105,000 Btu’s, which is incredibly good considering the size of the wall mounted boiler.