The Green Wedding

I was surfing around earlier today and came across a very interesting idea that’s helps the environment, by saving on paper, fuel to deliver the paper and much more.

It’s an idea called the Personal Wedding Site. The whole idea behind this is,¬†they will¬†document your wedding and it’s build up online. I hear you say but how is that green, well the whole idea is the invitation response, how to get there, registry info etc. etc. is all held online.

So no paper is needed, no need to mail stuff back and forth, changes are posted on-line and best of all so are the pictures.

Oh and I almost forgot, these guys claim that suppliers to you like to give discounts in return for you posting them on your site. So that’s green as well !!!!!

Great Idea Personal Wedding Sites you’ve made the frog very happy going into the weekend. Keep up the green work and Keep up the green work and watch for Changes to Same sex wedding regulations..

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