The Oil Disaster in The Gulf

April 20th 2010 will go down in history as one of the biggest environmental disasters in US history, and after yet another unsuccessful attempts to stem the flow of oil into the Gulf it is time that BP and the US Government step up to the plate and work together to avoid this disaster getting any worse.

The cleanup needs to begin now before eco systems in the surrounding areas are totally destroyed. BP has now stated that it could be August before the relief well is complete and the spill is contained.

On the news today CNN announced that BP had contributed 25 million dollars to advertising for businesses on Florida’s west coast, announcing that the oil had not reached their beaches and that they were open for business. This is a very nice gesture on their part, but lets get down to business and get this spill cleaned up. Please check here for some CESTB-340 at heatrod shop

Right now the frog is not happy so lets all voice our opinions and get the necessary people to stand up and be counted.