Renovations: Glass Railings and Metal Staircases

Often when you buy a new home or complete a major home renovation, family, friends and even neighbours will ask you what type of design style you plan to decorate with. Popular interior decorating styles today are shabby chic, coastal, vintage and French country, along with the always fashionable and never decreasing in popularity is contemporary, minimalism and Victorian. Those looking for clean lines, open bright spaces and a casual atmosphere often choose contemporary décor and home features. In a contemporary home you will often see neutral colours used along with industrial elements like metal, steel and glass.

Contemporary Design Flair- Glass and Metal

It is in a home built and styled with contemporary flair that you will often see staircases made from glass railings and either metal or wood handrails and banisters. The long straight lines of the glass panels give the home the look the owners are aiming for. The shiny metal or stainless steel completes the look with the industrial touches associated with the design style. Of course, if metal or steel is not your ideal medium, the glass railings can also be combined with wood handrails. The glass panels look sleek as they are held by clips fastened to either the wood or steel rails. If you choose to hire a professional and experienced company to install your staircase you may have the choice between cooper, brass, bronze or aluminum finished.

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The glass used comes in varying degrees of thickness and can also be tempered or laminated. Home or even office building owners can also choose between clear, frosted, textured or sandblasted glass panels. What you choose depends on the look and style you are going for. The contemporary look and feel does not have to be confined to the inside of your home either. The metal and glass railings can be taken outside to complete the look of your home or office. This is not to say that glass railings and metal staircases can only be found in modern homes or office buildings. These features can complement many floor plans and home décor styles. If you want to open up a tight space and allow the natural light to shine through, glass railings would be perfect. If you want to have that wow factor upon entering your home a wood and glass staircase may be just the ticket. Of course if you want to choose a style that you will never grow tired of, you can forego both the wood and metal and opt for the glass panels only. These staircases appear to be floating and give any room dramatic style. If you want to determine which style is better suited to your home you may want to speak with an interior designer or do a little researching yourself to discover what really catches your eye.