Ontario Environmental Fee

This is the first in a series of posts about Dalton McGuinty, affectionatally known as the pointy headed liar or Premier Pinocchio, and his approach to taxes under the disguise of envronmental fees. I say taxes, as his fees and approach to the environment never actually help the environment they just put extra taxes into the Ontario government’s coffers.

The first fee I want to discuss in the Ontario environmental fee on electrical items. This fee is disguised as a disposal fee for when the item is disposed of. Reports would also indicate that this fee has been subject to GST and will therefore be subject to the new Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) from July 1st 2010.

The fee is added to each of the following at the rate shown.

  • Desktop Computers = $13.44
  • Portable Computers = $2.14
  • Computer Peripherals = $0.32
  • Mice = $0.32
  • Keyboards = $0.32
  • Single Hard drives = $0.32
  • Optical Drives = $0.32
  • Monitors = $12.03
  • Televisions = $10.07
  • 18″ screen and smaller = $10.07
  • 19″ to 29″ screen = $10.07 3
  • 30″ to 45″ screen = $10.07
  • 46″ screen and larger = $10.07
  • Printing Devices = $5.05

These fees appear relatively small, but it is the principal. Do these fees help keep our environment Green, No of course they don’t, and not only that when you finally finish with the item, particularly a larger item you will likely find your city council will again charge you a disposal fee when you take the item to be disposed of.

So Dalton McGuinty, once again you lied about no new taxes and you hid behind the environment to collect this one .

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